WAP - Why WAP?

What is WAP?

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. It is an Internet communication protocol allowing wireless devices like handheld PCs with modems and mobile phones to communicate over the Internet.

Wireless devices which support WAP have built-in mini-browsers which, like the Web browser on your desktop PC, can read specially formatted web pages. Using WAP, it is possible to check your email or get news, sports and other information on your mobile phone.

Why WAP?

You are probably asking yourself "Why would I want to see Internet stuff on a 2.5cm x 2.5cm (1" x 1") monochrome mobile phone screen?". We were thinking the same thing ourselves.

Consider this. Your travelling in Prague. You don't always have your computer in front of you but, you guessed it, you've got your mobile phone.

You're changing money at one of the many currency exchange offices. You wonder "What is the official exchange rate?". You can check it on your mobile phone. You need a taxi, but you have no idea how to call one. Well, right there on your mobile phone is a number for a taxi. Heaven forbid, you lost your passport or you were robbed. Still got your phone with you? Call any number of emergency services. Embassies are there too.

At first thought, WAP seems kind of useless but, when travelling in a foreign country with no computer and telephone book at your side, maybe there are some advantages after all!

Ultimate WAP

Ultimate WAP can be found at http://www.ultimateprague.cz/wap/ - don't forget the last "/". Mini-browsers are not as sophisticated as the ones found on PCs and may not add it automatically. Putting the address in your phone's Favorites list means that you'll have quick access to it whenever you need it.

The menu system is easy to use. Your phone will provide you with a Back button to get you back to the next level. At present, Ultimate WAP has the following information:

If there is other information you would like to see added to Ultimate WAP, please send an email to wap@ultimateprague.cz and we'll try to get online.